When social media platforms turn into a tool of war without weapons

HORNA / Berlin / When social media platforms turn into a tool of war without weapons, the truth is lost, It is not surprising that the word social media is surrounded by this amount of obscurity and confusion in our world, which they call the third or developing world, to which we belong in the Horn of Africa, There are several reasons that led to this result, the first of which is that the economic, scientific and cultural infrastructure in the societies of the developing world in general, and Africa in particular, is still far from the information society, We do not know much about this society, its activities or its working mechanisms, Also, we have not actually practiced in our daily lives and within the activities of our professional work the mechanisms of the information society, and all we know about it is knowledge transferred through relatively old translations in most of them., So the picture must be a little fuzzy and blurry, Then comes the role of transferring the studies, translating them and publishing them in their names from some writers and intellectuals from our region, and registering the publishing rights in their names, That is why we say: It is not surprising if we notice that there is chaos in the sustainability of social media, which plunges the reader into confusion of meanings, especially if all of this is accompanied by extremist moods and modifications that serve goals and objectives far and strange from the foundations and mission of pure media.