Building and sustaining peace requires action for peace

There is no doubt that the political and security issues, tendencies and wars that have occurred in the Horn of Africa in the last twenty years are many and varied, This region is still searching for solutions that provide the reasons for stability, security and peace, However, the reality of the situation in many countries of the Horn of Africa reflects the opposite,Some of these countries were not able to build bases for just relations between them – as long as the peoples of the region dreamed of it ,The methods of hegemony, control and imposition of a fait accompli by force of arms disappear, and thus the manifestations of aggression and unjust wars that wiped out everything in recent years disappear.The advocates of war and the architects of problems in the Horn of Africa really wanted to delete the others, and in the best case, paint distorted pictures of their people according to their perceptions, which led to creative chaos, It led to manifestations of aggression in which the tensions and tensions found fertile ground to explode with a fierceness that the peoples of the Horn of Africa had not known before.. who believed that the factors of conflict would be eliminated with the end of colonialism, and peoples would move more towards stability, peace and construction In the face of these frightening developments, the Horn of Africa News Agency launched an initiative – called (The Horn of Africa Peace Initiative). To introduce this initiative, a conference was held at the United Nations building on March 20, 2019 .. in which ambassadors and representatives of the countries of the Horn of Africa – and a large number of politicians and diplomats from Europe participated, Because of the Corona pandemic, the second conference to discuss the issue of peace and war in the Horn of Africa has been postponed in the two years 2020/21.. We hope that we will be able to hold it at the end of this year 2022.