Horn of Africa news agency “Horna”

On the occasion of the passage of thirty-two years since the founding of the agency the supervising body reviewed its achievements and outlined its work during the next stage in the light of local, regional and international changes. And decided: 

  1. Expanding its coverage to include the rest of the African continent 
  2. Expert linkage between the European and African continents and the Middle East region in common affairs and the goal of achieving peace and sustainable development.
  3. Follow up on news and reports issued by the United Nations organizations and other European, Arab and international organizations on Africa.
  4. Strengthening partnership and exchanging news and reports with the rest of the traditional and modern media in social media.
  5. Involving individuals who are active in the means of communication in production, publishing and republishing to support the popular media. The agency will work through its traditional means and its multiple platforms and invite followers to increase their contributions by text, image and sound, taking into account the rules of publication. The agency will remain keen to achieve its goals in spreading the principles of public freedoms and human rights. Spreading democracy, renouncing violence and terrorism, whatever its source, and rejecting all forms of racial, sexual, religious and national discrimination.
  6. The agency relies on self-financing derived from electronic proliferation – and the donations of followers – and it also accepts unconditional donations from any party that believes in the same principles and objectives of the agency. 

Germany on January 2, 2023