Where is the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea basin heading?

One of the most important strategic pillars of the major industrialized countries at the present time is competition in the geographical location enjoyed by the Red Sea, which is in the middle of all the seas of the world, Now the world’s attention is directed to it, whether the countries are close to it or far from it.. and this is what makes me today, as an Eritrean citizen, ask this question.. It is just a question..not an accusation of anyone,Will we witness from the big neighbor Ethiopia a new manifesto similar to the 1976 TPLF Manifesto aiming to change the map of the Horn of Africa? Perhaps in the crowd of joys that followed the signing of the peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia on the ninth of July 2018, No one paid much attention to the Ethiopian newspapers’ recent repetition of Prime Minister Abi Ahmed’s statements about the possibility of the countries of the Horn of Africa, especially the Red Sea, drawing a map of the Horn of Africa and East Africa to build a strong state, including Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, and South Sudan (September 2018(Then other press statements came immediately after the first was announced, talking about “Ethiopia’s effort to form the unity of East African countries,” and the Ethiopian president sought to form this state (Ethiopia News Agency) And in a third statement, the re-establishment of the Ethiopian Navy in cooperation and coordination with France, And if we pay attention to this, will we hasten to return it to philosophy Zeroing problems with the Weyani faction in order to achieve the dream of the Ethiopian emperors in building the Greater Ethiopia State with external support,