New talk show in Arabic coming soon on the Horn of Africa channel

HORNA/ KARTUM – SUDAN / Coming Soon: on the Horn of Africa channel, A new talk show in Arabic entitled ,A space for dialogue: After the fall of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front government on April 4, 2018, it became apparent to the world that new regions and sprouts had appeared in Ethiopia, with an estimated population of one hundred and ten million people, It makes it difficult for the world in general, and the countries of the Horn of Africa in particular, to rejoice in the complete demise of a repressive regime that ruled the Ethiopian people with the power of iron and fire for a period of twenty-seven years Regional conflicts, poverty problems, conflicting nationalities in Ethiopia, and the remnants of warlords from the era of Emperor Haile Selassie and the Derg… remain a fertile source for the emergence of the crisis, despite the serious attempts by reformers led by Dr. Iby Ahmed to reach them by opening new horizons to achieve peace, security and stability in Ethiopia on the one hand… and with Neighboring countries, on the other hand,Two and a half years after the tripartite peace agreement between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia ,Has the Countdown begun to end the agreement and search for new alliances in the region? This is what we will discuss with a number of writers and journalists from the Horn of Africa