September 15, 2021

In Asmara it is the Culture that Protects You

In Asmara it is the Culture that Protects You

By  Natnael Yebio

An old song about San Francisco goes like this: If you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, [because]….you are gonna meet some gentle people there, etc. Does the instruction still apply? The way the city has changed over the years, I don’t think so.

Asmara hasn’t changed much though. Asmara’s architectural landscape and concentration of iconic buildings – cinemas, apartment buildings, petrol stations, factories, churches, and public buildings – reflect the exemplary and innovative approach to the challenges of modern urban requirements in a highland African setting that have retained their integrity and authenticity through a protracted struggle for national liberation and duty to protect its sovereignty in the years after. Read more

September 13, 2021

Adal Poultry Enterprise Demonstrating Poultry’s...

Adal Poultry Enterprise Demonstrating Poultry’s Potential

by Habtom Tesfamichael

Adal Poultry Enterprise was established more than 20 years ago at the outskirts of the town of Keren. “Good things come to those who are prepared to work hard on their goal,” says Mr. Omer Yessuf, the acting manager of the firm. We have conducted a brief interview with him, and the excerpts follow. Read more

September 10, 2021

Abune Qerlos gives benediction

Abune Qerlos gives benediction

Asmara, 12 September 2016- His Reverend Abune Qerlos, 5th Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church, gave benediction in connection with Geez New Year.

His Reverend Abune Qerlos, 5th Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church also congratulated and wished Eritrean nationals at home and abroad, as well as members of the EDF and the faithful a Happy Geez New Year and a year of peace and development. Read more

September 8, 2021

Eritrea’s Potential in Aquatic Sports

Eritrea’s Potential in Aquatic Sports

By Sabrina Solomon

Meet Efrem Ghirmai, a swimmer who represented Eritrea at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He is the first swimmer who has hoisted the Eritrean flag at the open­ing ceremony of the Olympics. We had a brief meeting with Efrem and here are the excerpts. Read more

September 9, 2021

Commemoration of 60th Anniversary of armed...

Commemoration of 60th Anniversary of armed struggle for independence

Asmara, 09 September 2021- Eritrean nationals in Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand commemorated the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the armed struggle for Eritrea’s independence with patriotic zeal.

At the commemoration event the Eritrean community held in London on 4 September, Mr. Estifanos Habtemariam, Eritrean Ambassador in Great Britain and North Ireland, gave a briefing on the significance of 1 September in the history of the Eritrean people as well as on the objective situation in the homeland. Read more

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