August 24, 2012

Press Statement

Press Statement

A joke worth denunciation “Enough is Enough!”

As of late, rumors have been circulating as regards the so-called election scheduled to take place in Mogadishu.
‘Somalia on the path to democracy’; ‘change would come through democracy’; ‘an election being conducted under better circumstances’; ‘it is an election due to take place at a time when the transitional government is in control of large portion of Somali territory’; ‘Mr. X has been nominated’; ‘Mr. Y would run for the election’; ‘this time is better than the previous one’; ‘and the support of the international community is currently on the rise’; etc. Read more

May 23, 2012

Press Statement – Khartoum und Juba: vicious...

Press Statement – Khartoum und Juba: vicious cycle of conflict must end

History will no doubt pass its own verdict. But twenty years of experience in our region corroborate certain fundamental truths. Tensions and conflicts are never resolved. They are instead perpetuated and sustained. Peace Keepers and peace keeping operations do not bring about lasting peace. Their functions and physical presence sadly become permanent features as peace is rendered elusive. Why does this have to transpire? And how long will it be tolerated? Read more

February 21, 2012

A comprehensive and Enduring Solution for Somalia:...

A comprehensive and Enduring Solution for Somalia: Eritrea’s Perspective

For over two decades the collapse of the Somali state has caused untold suffering to the people of Somalia, aggravated regional conflict and instability and spawned problems with wider ramifications. [PDF]

January 30, 2012

IGAD: Unwarranted Statement at the...

In its 20th extraordinary Summit held in Addis Abeba on Friday, January 27th, IGAD has regrettably endorsed Ethiopia’s ludicrous accusations against Eritrea.

Operative paragraph 15 of the final communiqué thus states, among other things, “… the Summit condems the terrorist attacks, killing and kidnapping of tourists in Nothern Ethiopia that has been linked to the State of Eritrea…”. […]

December 6, 2011

Quiet Confidence and Determination In...

Eritrea categorically rejects the illegal and unjust sanctions resolution passed by the United Nations Security Council on Monday. The resolution is yet another injustice perpetrated on the Eritrean people and it will heighten tensions and stoke an already explosive situation in the Horn of Africa.

Read the full PDF here […]

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