June 30, 2021

MoA: Developing Machine to turn Locusts into...

MoA: Developing Machine to turn Locusts into Animal Feed

Eritrea is one of the frontline countries for migratory pests, in general, and desert locust breeding, in particular. Over the years, Eritrea has followed a preventive strategy that focuses on controlling locusts before they mature or start flying.

The strategy has been reinforced by extensive surveillance in breeding areas and establishing a number of duty or surveillance stations as well as utilizing vehicles and scouts. Annually, surveillance is carried out across roughly 500,000 hectares of potential breeding areas. Read more

June 29, 2021

Veteran freedom fighter Osman Abdella Biluh passes...

Veteran freedom fighter Osman Abdella Biluh passes away

Asmara, 28 June 2021- Veteran freedom fighter Osman Abdella Biluh, head of Public Affairs at the Ministry of Local Government passed away on 27 June at the age of 69. Veteran fighter Osman Abdella joined the Popular Liberation Forces in 1970 and served his people and country with strong dedication in various capacities in the pre-independence period and as a member of the Central Committee of the EPLF. Read more

Eritrean National Cycling Championship 2021...

Eritrean National Cycling Championship 2021 concludes

Asmara, 27 June 2021- The Eritrean National Cycling Championship 2021 that began on 25 June with Individual Time Trial competition in ‘Elite’ groups and under 23 as well as in women categories concludes today, 27 June at the Selaa Daero-Asmara road covering 155 km.

In the Elite group Dawit Yemane from ASBECO stood first finishing the race in 3 hours, 48 minutes, and 42 seconds; Professional Cyclist Merhawi Kudus from ‘Astana’, Kazakhstan Club, finished second in 3 hours and 50 minutes while Professional Cyclist Metkel Eyob from ‘Terengganu” Malaysian Club, finished third in 3 hours, 50 minutes and 2 seconds. Read more

June 26, 2021

Torch of Development Ignited in Kerkebt sub-zone

Torch of Development Ignited in Kerkebt sub-zone

By: Kesete Ghebrehiwet | Major development undertakings such as the construction of water supply systems, roads, healthcare facilities, and schools have been transforming the lives of most of the residents of the Kerkebet sub-zone.

As one of the most remote areas of the country, it had been neglected by successive colonial rulers. Riverbanks were the only water sources for the residents of the Kerkebet sub-zone before the construction of dams and the installation of water distribution systems following Eritrea’s independence. In the past, people in “Lokayb,” one of the 13 administrative areas of the Kerkebet sub-zone, had no access to potable water and, as a result, they were prone to water-borne diseases. Read more

June 23, 2021

Remembering Eritrea’s Heroes and Heroines

Remembering Eritrea’s Heroes and Heroines

“We remember you so esteemed martyrs
Flashing before us are your unforgettable pictures
Sparking like glowing stars in the open skies
Their death has emboldened our hearts
Their faith has enriched our minds
Their wisdom has invigorated our souls
Forever glued are they in our thoughts”

By: Simon Weldemichael | June 20 is Mealti Swuat, Yaum-e-Shuhda, Martyrs Day of Eritrea. Eritreans at home and abroad solemnly commemorate their Martyrs Day on 19th June with candle light vigil everywhere they live. Memorial services are held at churches and mosques in memory of the fallen heroes who paid their precious lives in the struggle for independence and to safeguard the national sovereignty. On June 20 every year, Eritreans all over the world organize programs in honor of those who died for the highest national cause. Thousands of men and women from the fighting force of Eritrea sacrificed their lives for the security, safety and glory of the nation. Read more

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