September 30, 2019

World Tourism Day Observed

World Tourism Day Observed

Asmara, 30 September 2019 – 27 September, World Tourism Day was observed on 29 September at a national level in Aba Shawul sub zone, Central region, under a theme “Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future for All”.

Speaking at the occasion, the D.G. of Tourism Service in the Central region, Ms. Liya Gebreab stated that the World Tourism Day reminds for proper and responsible way of practicing and preserving national culture and values as well as resources and heritage for the economic, social and environmental benefit to the present and future generations.

Indicating that Aba Shawul was selected for the observance of the 2019 World Tourism Day for its historical, social, cultural and economic back ground, Mr. Solomon Abraha, chairman of the Eritrean Tourism Service Association (ETSA) said that Aba Shawul is the birth place of several renowned artists, hub for traditional and local beverages and in which people live in harmony and supporting each other in their daily lives.

Ms. Sara Tesfamicael. Administrator of Aba Shawul sub zone, on her part congratulating the residents of Aba Shawul commended those that made the event real and those that presented artistic performance depicting the historical and living standard of the residents.

The event was highlighted by artistic performances by veteran artists and Zinar Tibebat Musical Troupe.

The World Tourism Day is being observed for the 40th time at a global level and for the 25th time at a national level.

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