December 4, 2019

Workshop on health strategic plan

Workshop on health strategic plan

Asmara, 04 December 2019- The Ministry of Health convened a workshop at Asmara Palace Hotel on the progress of the five years strategic plan in the sector of health.

Speaking at the opening event of the workshop, Ms. Amina Nur-Hussen, Minister of Health said that the objective of the three-day workshop is to critically analyze the progress made and identify the challenges with a view to attain the objectives of the plan.

Minister Amina went on to say that the mission of the national health policy of Eritrea is to provide up to date and efficient health service to the public and that commendable achievements have been registered including the reduction of death rate of infants and children under five years of age and life expectancy of nationals that was about 49 in 1995 has now increased to over 64.

At the workshop, Dr. Andebrhan Tesfatsion, D. G. of Public Health in the Ministry, presented report focusing on the priorities of the public health, current situation of communicable and non-communicable diseases, effort conducted to control the prevalence of malaria and achievements registered in preventing harmful practices and challenges encountered.

According to Dr. Andebrhan since 2012 cardiac diagnoses has been conducted on over 9 thousand students in 80 elementary schools and as a result of the sustainable awareness raising campaigns 70 villages in the sub-zones of Asmat and Habero have become free from practicing harmful practices.

Present at the opening event held on 3 December, Representatives of UNICEF, WHO and UNFPA expressed appreciation for the achievements Eritrea registered in the health sector.

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