January 15, 2013

What do you call him?

What do you call him?

033What do you call him?  Meles (The Mentor)

Meles (The Mentor):
– In 1998 the former Ethiopian Prime Minster Meles Zenawi declared and waged a terrible war against Eritrea.
– Tried to create division among Eritrean people
– Then he deported tens of thousands of Eritreans of all ages out of Ethiopia simply because he didn’t like the colour of their eyes, as he himself put it.
– He confiscated their properties and imprisoned innocent civilians and sent the rest of the deportees through the most dangerous war zone areas.
– Meles lost the war and with it, his dignity.
– In 2002’s announcement of the final and binding border commission verdict, he organised big street parties in cities and in towns celebrating the outcome of the International Court. Then few weeks later he changed his mind and said it is unfair decision and as such he rejected the judgement.
– Zenawi lost the 2005 election and instead of transferring power as promised, he crushed the opposition groups who won the most votes and maintained his grip on power until his death in 2012. Mocking Democracy!

Saleh Joher (The Student):
– There is no introduction needed as he is well known Weyane agent.
– Among other despicable things, Saleh said on his speech against the 2013 Australian Eritrean Festival in Melborne: “We must identify all the persons who participated in the festival activities and cut our ties with them!!!” which means brother against brother; friend against friend; mother against daughter; father against son and so on. And he calls himself Eritrean?

What do you call him? By: Concerned Eritrean.

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