July 10, 2019

Weki-Duba: Solar powered water project inaugurated

Weki-Duba: Solar powered water project inaugurated

Asmara, 07 October 2019 – Solar powered potable water project worth over 3 million Nakfa was inaugurated yesterday, 6 October in Weki-Duba, Central region.

The project includes a solar power able to drill 30 barrels of water per hour, a reservoir, as well as pipelines and 4 water distribution stations.

At the inauguration ceremony, it was indicated that there has been acute water crisis in Weki-Duba and that with putting in place the new solar powered water project, the problem has been alleviated.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Tesfu Fesshatsion, administrator of Berik sub zone noting the significance of clean water in the health and socio economic lives of nationals called on the public to properly use the project and follow-up of its sustainability.

Commending residents of Weki-Duba form their contribution, Mr. Zeriet Teweldeberhan, managing director in the Central region on his part called on residents to strengthen participation in the effort to redress the environment with a view to enrich the water source of the project.

The beneficiaries on their part commending the Government and partners for realizing the project expressed readiness to properly use the water project put in place in their area.
Weki-Duba is home to 3 thousand residents.

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