May 3, 2017

Visit of Eritrean Diplomats to Development Sites

Visit of Eritrean Diplomats to Development Sites

Assaba – Eritrean Ambassadors, Consuls, Secretaries and Charge d’Affaires have visited a number of historical and development sites in the Southern Red Sea region.

In the course of the tour to Rahaita and its environs, the diplomats were accompanied by Maj. General Hummed Karikare, Commander of the Eritrean Naval Force and the Eastern Command as well as Abdel-Kader Dawud, Sultan of Rahaita and the local residents accorded them warm welcome.

Sultan Abdel-Kader gave briefings to the visiting diplomats regarding the historical background of Rahaita Sultanate as well as the ancient customs and traditions, including complementarity, patriotism and vibrant traditional youth organization known as “Fiema” and other heritages of Rahaita Sultanate that are still being practiced.

Noting that conservation of historic relics, biodiversity, prevention of sea pollution is the culture of the local inhabitants, Sultan Rahaita said that such relics, indigenous vegetation, rare species of fish and coral reef and, particularly traditional sesame grinding tools as well as huge water reservoirs in the area known as “Hasbara” are among the main tourist attractions.

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