January 9, 2020

Various public diplomacy activities

Various public diplomacy activities

Asmara, 09 January 2020 – Nationals residing in Australia and Sweden conducted various activities depicting their attachment with the homeland.

According to report, the Eritrean Community festival in Australia was conducted from 3-5 January in Melbourne under the theme “Resilience for Higher Progress” featuring cultural and artistic performances.

Speaking at the 20th annual festival that was attended by nationals from various cities of Australia and New Zealand as well as invited guests, Mr. Tekeste Mehari, General Consul at the Eritrean Embassy in Australia, stating that various infrastructures that can serve as springboard for lasting development were implemented in 2019 said that double fold effort will be exerted in the New Year in ensuring the development of the country and called for reinforced contribution on the part of nationals.

Indicating that regional peace and cooperation guarantees national development Mr. Mehari stated that the Government of Eritrea is engaged in regional and international cooperation and diplomatic activities aimed at ensuring mutual interest.

The three day annual festival was highlighted by pictorial exhibitions, cultural performances and dances as well as musical dramas depicting the heroic feats demonstrated during the armed struggle for independence and in safeguarding the national sovereignty.

Likewise, a musical and cultural performance called “Zur Bidho” was organized in Stockholm, Sweden, on 4 January with enthusiasm, report indicated.

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