April 2, 2011

Various Development Projects In Segeneiti Improving The Lives Of Inhabitants

Segeneiti, 01 April 2011- The Administrator of Segeneiti sub zone, Mr. Woldemichael Kidane said that a number of development and infrastructure projects have been implemented in the sub zone in the past year.

In a meeting with the inhabitants, the administrator stated that land leveling activities had been carried out in the villages of Akrur, Halay, Hadish Adi, Mai-Harasat, Digsa, Birkito and Ni-elto while 12 villages in the sub zone are receiving electricity services.

Moreover, the administrator indicated that 214 needy families and disabled members were given assistance worth more than half a million Nakfa, 1,775 martyrs families were given 6 million Nakfa in support, smokeless ovens were distributed in a number of villages, 300 tree seedlings were plants in different administrative areas and land line telephone services were provided in Segeneiti.

Mr. Woldemichael went on to add that the construction of a potable water supply project in Digsa and Akrur as well as a dam in Hadish Adi is underway. The construction of dams in Akrur and Birkito as well as the introduction of electricity services in 10 villages will be accomplished this year, he added.


Tessenei Sub Zone: Social Services Rendering Institutions And Development Endeavors Register Commendable Growth

Tessenei, 1 April 2011- The Administrator of Tessenei sub zone, Mr. Tekelbirhan Gebrewold disclosed that social services rendering institutions and development endeavors in the sub zone are making remarkable progress, which is in turn having a positive impact on the people’s everyday lives.

Stating the hospital in Tessenei town is providing efficient health services to the inhabitants of Forto-Sawa, Golij and Haikota sub zones, Mr. Tekleberhan said that potable water project at a cost of 114 million Nakfa in underway in the town and that 64 water stations and water pipes have been installed.

Moreover, the administrator explained that 14,000 students in 10 administrative areas of the sub zone are receiving proper education services and that more schools are being constructed in Telata’asher, Stmo and Tessenei.

Agricultural production which had previously limited to certain areas has now grown to 27,000 hectares and that 150 farmers are playing an important role in improving the people’s lives by introducing irrigation farming.

The administrator also added that Tessenei town is receiving 24 hour electricity services as well as land line and mobile telephone services, which is greatly contributing to the growth of the town.


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