April 7, 2011

Various development projects implemented in Gash-Barka region since independence

Barentu, 7 April 2011 – A number of development projects focusing on improving the people’s standard of living have been implemented in Gash-Barka region over the past 20 years since the achievement of independence, stated the Administrator of the region, Mr. Musa Rab’a.

In an interview he conducted with Eri-Tv in connection with symposium of the region scheduled for April 8 to 9 in Barnetu town, he explained that there existed no infrastructure or service-rendering facilities in the region before independence. In contrast, however, various development programs aimed at improving the living standard of the inhabitants were carried out in the years following independence, the Administrator elaborated. As a result, the population is now in a position to lead settled pattern of life and thereby raising their income, he added.

Mr. Musa further explained that the number of schools in the region has risen to 347 which have opened in 173 administrative areas, in addition to 13 nomadic schools in the 2010/11academic year. He also indicated that student enrollment has risen to over 600% and that their number has shown 12% growth this year.

Concerning health service, the Administrator said that a total of 49 health institutions ranging from health station to referral hospital have been made available which in turn are playing due role in promoting health care for the inhabitants. Mr. Musa explained that malaria epidemic, which was the main cause of death and socio-economic hardship for nationals, has been put under control. Moreover, the benefits of adequate health care and campaigns are being witnessed. Meanwhile, the Administrator emphasized the positive outcome of the development drive undertaken so far. In this respect, he referred to the distribution of electricity supply, construction of roads, bridges, dams, and the like.  Mr. Musa noted that the introduction and expanding of modern irrigation farming, reinforcing efforts to conserve wildlife resources and promote forestation as well as the grouping of villages are among the major strategic development plans for the next five years.
The secret of success lies in hard work and initiative, Says exemplary farmer

Forto-Sawa, 7 April 2011 – An exemplary farmer in Forto-Sawa sub-zone, Gash-Barka region, Mr. Woldemichael Gebremeskel, says that the secret of success lies in hard work and initiative.

The ex-taxi driver who is presently engaged in fruits and vegetables farming in Forto-Sawa sub-zone said that he started getting engaged in his current activities through renting 5 hectares of farm plots in 1997. Mr. Woldemichael further indicated that his standard of living has dramatically improved since then.  He explained that the agricultural land in Forto-Sawa is fertile and can yield harvest three times a year.

Currently, the farmer has planted taff, sorghum, maize and pepper over 150 hectares, and that he is expecting good harvest, especially taff. He also commended the support he has secured from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Reports indicated that the exemplary farmer has created job opportunities for a total 150 fellow citizens.

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