July 18, 2011

UK Aid for Ethiopia ‘to prevent catastrophe or Finance Genocide and Wars?

by Amanuel Biedemariam | On July 3, 2011, the BBC advertised, “UK aid for Ethiopia ‘to prevent catastrophe” and stated, “The UK has pledged £38m ($61m) in food aid to drought-hit Ethiopia – enough to feed 1.3m people for three months.

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said “direct intervention”, managed by the World Food Programme, was needed to stop a catastrophe. The African country faces its worst drought for a decade with an estimated 3.2m people in need of emergency aid. The UN has called for international aid across the Horn of Africa where 10 million people are affected.”

In its report, the BBC emphasized, “The African country faces its worst drought for a decade.” However, this is not new. The failed regime in Ethiopia, while boasting inflated growth rates have, consistently received food aid for decades and failed to make a dent on    improving food security of the nation. Meles Zenawi has effectively turned Ethiopia into an arrogant beggar nation; a nation that believes could do no wrong in the eyes of the Western powers that enable his failed regime. The Western puppet has been terrorizing Ethiopia and the region for decades, ironically, in the name drought, hunger, fighting terror and other programs.

Over the last 20 years the West have funnelled billions of dollars funding a genocidal regime to further their hegemony in the region. Exactly 8 years ago on July 4 2003, New York Times published an article announcing a similar pledge:

“The United States said it would send 250,000 metric tons of additional food aid to try to avert a famine. The United Nations estimates that about 12.6 million people need food aid in Ethiopia and another 3.1 million need close monitoring. The donation brings the amount of food pledged by the United States since last year to more than a million tons and comes days before President Bush is to make his first official trip to Africa.”

The aid mentioned above is tiny-tip of the iceberg. After three decades of aid by the West led by the US, UK and the World Bank etc…; the same old stories are re-hatched to create a sense of urgency anew; for PR and to further other hidden agendas. They are repeating the same strategy all over again. The language used by BBC in this current report is nearly identical to that of New York Times 8 years earlier. The genocidal regime in Ethiopia would have collapsed instantly if it were-not for all the support it gets from the West in the name of aid.

The minority regime in Ethiopian is in effect an occupying force. It does not represent the people of Ethiopia because it is only a handful member of the Tigrayan clique, the TPLF, which are ruling the country using brute force. This was exposed in 2005 after Ethiopians openly rejected the TPLF clique in an election that altered the destiny of the people of Ethiopia permanently.  However, to the disappointment of Ethiopians around the globe; those who champion human rights and democracy, US and UK, decided to embrace a criminal regime that shot point-blank innocent demonstrators after snatching their votes and rejected their rights. Within days of the massacres, the-then Prime Minister Tony Blair sat next to Meles in South Africa on a summit. Moreover, the same year, in the same manner the US and UK refused to accept a legitimate election the Palestinian people won outright because they didn’t like the party that won. In other words, the call the US, UK and France make for free and fair election, democracy, and human rights are nothing but a farce. It is simply a democracy Ala Carte for them!

Moreover, what the US, UK and France are doing in Libya in the name of protecting civilians is laughable considering their model-puppet regime’s atrocities. They have been financing a regime that has committed major crimes against humanity; ethnic cleansed 80,000 Eritreans from Ethiopia and committed genocides in the open to mention some of his evil deeds. In January 8, 2004 Genocide watch released a report on the massacre the Meles Zenawi regime committed in Gambella:

“Genocide Watch has checked these reports carefully with eyewitnesses in Gambella as well as with the United States State Department and the United Nations, who have confirmed that the massacres were committed by Ethiopian government forces. Between 3000 and 5000 additional Anuak refugees have fled into Sudan, where they have congregated around Pochalla. Genocide Watch has verified these reports with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and with sources in Pochalla. Genocide Watch and Survivors’ Rights International, with the assistance of concerned church groups, have sent field investigators to Pochalla, who corroborated the accounts of massacres in and around Gambella. The refugees say they are fleeing massacres of Anuak in Ethiopia.”

The plight of the Anuak people in the Gambella region is one of the many areas victimized by Meles Zenawi. Ethiopians everywhere are feeling the brutal hands of the regime. In the Ogaden the atrocities detailed by various Human Rights organizations are simply numbing. From 1997- on The Human Rights Watch (HRW) consistently reported how aid money is being used to fuel repression. In June of 2008 the HRW released a 130 page report called, “Collective Punishment” and detailed atrocities committed by the criminal Meles Zenawi’s regime. Georgette Gagnon, Africa director at Human Rights Watch said,

“The Ethiopian army’s answer to the rebels has been to viciously attack civilians in the Ogaden. These widespread and systematic atrocities amount to crimes against humanity. Yet Ethiopia’s major donors, Washington, London and Brussels, seem to be maintaining a conspiracy of silence around the crimes.”

Leslie Lefkow reported:
“Ethiopia’s repressive government has put foreign aid to a sinister purpose, with officials in Ethiopia’s ruling party using their power to give or deny financial assistance to citizens based on their political affiliation. Perhaps even more shocking, international donors appear to expend more energy pretending these abuses don’t exist than trying to address them.”

Furthermore, in a briefing to congressional representatives HRW reported:

“In the Ogaden, we have documented massive crimes by the Ethiopian army, including civilians targeted intentionally; villages burned to the ground as part of a campaign of collective punishment; public executions meant to terrify onlooking villagers; rampant sexual violence used as a tool of warfare; thousands of arbitrary arrests and widespread and sometimes deadly torture and beatings in military custody; a humanitarian and trade blockade on the entire conflict area; and hundreds of thousands of people forced away from their homes and driven to hunger and malnutrition.”

In Somalia, the minority regime of Ethiopia and Dr. Jendayi Frazer have collaborated to destroy the short stability Somalis achieved for the first time in over 16 years by invading a sovereign nation in the name of fighting terror and denied the people of Somalia a room to start rebuilding their country. The atrocities the minority clique committed with the support of US represent the worst of mankind. Hundreds of thousands were displaced and thousands have died in the conflict with no end in sight. That is what opened up to the current holocaust that the world is witnessing in horror. Millions are starving with refugee camps filling in rates that aid workers and the camps unable to handle the persistent stream of desperate people. Ben Jackson, Environment Editor of the sun,

“We haven’t seen anything like this for decades. Hardened aid workers are weeping at what they see.”

The situation in Ethiopia is hardly any different. People in Eastern Ethiopia are flooding into an already crowded refugee camps. Yet, the occupying force in Ethiopia is buying unmanned aircrafts and hundreds of millions worth of tanks and military hardware while receiving aid supposedly to alleviate hunger. The beggar-mercenary regime is also unashamedly selling fertile Ethiopian lands to multinational corporations for a dream investment while millions are starving in his hands.

Clearly, aid is welcome when needed and Ethiopians have been receiving needed food-aid for decades. However, Ethiopia has failed to improve on securing the basic food needs of the nation regardless of the size or quantity of aid it received. There has not been a significant change on the life of the people being impacted-repeatedly. In fact, as the reports indicated, it has gotten worse.

The problem is not the DONORS or the good people of the world that gathered pennies to help the starved. It is not the NGOs that inhibit local farming, suppress indigenous institutions, and systematically curtail economic developments from maturing by providing donated foodstuffs and goods. The NGOs are the number one benefactors from the miseries of Africans and as such have no interest to see long term solutions to the problems that plague the African continent. Moreover, It is historically proven fact that Western nations will do all they can to create dependency for their own end. It is also a matter of record that they will do all they can to destroy countries and leaders that believe on self reliance. In fact, the aid trap works for them so well that they keep encouraging and propping successive failed genocidal regimes such as that of Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia to perpetuate it. They create mechanisms that inhibit indigenous institutional capacities from developing by replacing it with NGO’s or civil society organizations that act as governmental institutions. In other words, the West and their agents will do all they can to further their agendas and interests. Hence, it makes no sense to blame the West and their entities for the apocalypse that is now in the area. It is a result of successive Ethiopian regimes that relied heavily on aid to-stay in power by suppressing Ethiopians and exporting instabilities in the region.

So what can be done or is the situation helpless? Can we afford to give up? The simple answer is that we cannot afford to give up and must do all we can to help end the suffering of the starving people. While it is important to get all the help needed from all sources to stem the problem now; in the future we must use this holocaust to change the way we look at the issue of food security differently. The first thing to do is believe on self reliance. That attitude shift is the key to future success. The second thing is to take ownership of the issue and do all that we can to reject the tainted aid. We must support each other regardless of where we are from; learn from each other as we hobble our way out of this problem. Fight hard the agents and law makers that push the tired agenda while supporting tyrants like Meles. The people of Eritrea are the best example of this and it will help a great deal to see how Eritreans have managed to avoid the horror.


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