November 4, 2011

Tsabra Boarding School begins rendering service

Nakfa, 3 November 2011- Tsabra Boarding School built at a cost of 11 million Nakfa has been rendering service.

Surveyor Aregai Meles, from Segen Construction Company indicated that the school has 20 classrooms, library, office, lavatory, water reservoir and electricity supply.

The director of the school, Mr. Goitom Asmelash, equally pointed out that it was initially functioning in the days the armed struggle for liberation and indicated that the necessary facilities have been put in place to build dormitory female students.

Mr. Idris Mohammed, a teacher in the school said on his part that the new classrooms would facilitate the teaching and learning process, in addition to raising competitiveness among the students.

Around 1,700 students out of whom 380 are females, have already enrolled in the boarding school.

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