January 25, 2012

TPLF Masterminded Attack on European Tourists

by Orion Asmelash |According to Ethiopia’s report, two Germans, two Hungarians and an Austrian were killed in a deadly attack in Ethiopia’s North- Eastern Afar region; the same source says “A Hungarian and Italian were wounded while two Germans had been kidnapped”. While many express their feelings of grief and denunciations on the killings, rumors are widely circulated among Ethiopians that the actors behind the deadly attacks are most probably the accusers themselves a.k.a.TPLF.

Some political analysts in the Ethiopian political discussion forums indicate that, the deadly attack is perhaps an indication of the Regime’s desperation through acts of terrorism to curve the rapidly growing sentiment of Ethiopian opposition forces which are recently emerging strong towards a united movement. Some added on Oromo Liberation Front’s(OLF’s) press release on January 1, 2012 regarding the abandonment of its long held separatist agenda with the replacement of its “new vision and program” to work with all opposition parties to form the “new democratic Ethiopia” may have triggered TPLF frustration, thus they claim that this led TPLF to indirectly commit the most brutal crime on innocent European tourists for propaganda consumption purposes with the intention of extending TPLF’s life expectancy for another few years.

What is mind boggling for many however are its accusations on Eritrea. TPLF leaders will not hesitate to accuse Eritrea for anything even for natural disasters like earth quake or storm if it happens in Ethiopia. The accusations are therefore not surprising for Eritrea. It is within seconds like a speed of light that the regime pointed its finger on Eritrea for the murders without any investigation and substantial evidence. This by itself is an indication of a premeditated plot as it has left no room for independent investigation since the Verdict has already gone out before the evidence and anything after this will have no reliability other than a mockery on people’s intelligence. For those who saw the 2005 Ethiopian Election, this tactic is not knew as everyone knows that it was TPLF that declared victory before the counting of votes. Verdict before investigation has been the rule of the regime for the past 20 years.

Some political analysts have even gone further by saying that TPLF’s days are numbered and as we approach to the 11th hour of its life, we observe a very mesmerizing behavior around TPLF circles. The scalawag Regime and its followers seem to be jumbled, muddled and trembled. Just like pickpockets in the crowded Merkato in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, they shout thieves! ..Thieves! to divert the people attention by pointing fingers to others. Likewise, the regime in Addis used the very same bankrupted tactic to camouflage its repulsive crimes on innocent European tourist. According to some, the regime is playing a very dangerous game by casting its last play card into the ballot box of terrorism to buy more sympathy and support from the west to fasten the seat belt of Zenawi’s throne. This old and horrible trick however will rather accelerate the regime’s downfall than prolonging its life. The reason for TPLF’s masterminded attack on the European tourists emanates from TPLF’s paranoia and fear of an inevitable internal revolt coming soon through a united opposition movement. Thus for the rogue regime, engineering acts of terror is the only card left on the table to rescue the rapidly deteriorating condition of the regime’s political bankruptcy. Examining the regime’s past track records will suffice to see the truth inside the darkened tunnel.

TPLF’s historical track records as guerilla fighters were full of bloodshed and acts of terrorism like abducting foreigners and raiding banks like that of the very known organized armed robbery in the city of Adwa, Axum and Shire. A decade years ago in the Amharic translated version of the Tigrigna interview, the Regime’s prime minister, Meles Zenawi referred the historical robbery as “victory”. What is more astonishing and flabbergasting however is the recent leaked information by the former Tigray People’s Liberation Front Senior officer, Gebremedhin Araya. In his interview with ESAT TV he exposes the story behind the Hawzien Massacre. In the morning of Saturday 22 June 1988, close to 2,500 people who were at the town’s market place were consumed in “a ball of fire and died in gruesome and painful way”. According to the interview, the Former TPLF Senior officer says that even though the attacks comes from the then Mengistu Rigime, the bombings were indirectly masterminded and orchestrated by TPLF top officers. At that time TPLF had 37,000 troops and needed to recruit more soldiers to confront the enemy’s 300,000 troops. Thus, TPLF intelligence unit with the direction of Melez Zenawi, leaked information to the former dictatorial regime indicating that TPLF troops will conduct a big meeting in the town of HAWZIEN. The attacks happened as intended on Saturday, the city’s biggest market day. Twelve TPLF camera men were ready to capture the bombings live as it happens. Right After that TPLF came out triumphant, the bombings raised people’s anger and hate towards the Mengistu regime, many who were reluctant to join TPLF in the past flooded in thousands with anger to join the armed forces. The video records were used for propaganda consumption appealing the people of Ethiopia to support TPLF– Mission accomplished!

Another former top TPLF leader, Dr. Aregawi Berhe has another version of the story. This however is different and perhaps the nastiest crime ever in the history of Ethiopia. It happened during the deadliest 1984 famine that affected close to 8 million people and took 1 million lives. At that time, the Tigray Liberation front (TPLF), has received nearly $100 million cash from western governments and charity organization to fed thousands of drought stricken areas where TPLF was controlling. However, according to the BBC journalist and Editor, Martin Plaut’s investigation, 95% of the money received was diverted and used to purchase ammunitions and other weaponry.

Having seen all this ugly historical records, it is unlikely to trust or expect reliable and dependable information from TPLF leaders. For those who are familiar with Zenawi’s regime, terrorism is a motto and not a threat to TPLF. Considering how terrorism is used as a weapon of subjugating and suppressing the rights of Ethiopian people to silence their voice and crush opposition forces, it is unlikely that Eritrea or opposition groups would use such destructive act of terrorism against innocent tourists; otherwise it would imply that they are cooperating with TPLF dreams and objectives, and that is logically impossible.

Looking at the Zenaw’s regime track records in the past the rumors regarding the killings of European Tourists as being masterminded indirectly by TPLF intelligence forces seems to be very convincing if one sees it even in the light of wikileaks report from the October 6, 2006 US diplomatic cable sent from Addis Ababa to Washington DC by ambassador Vicki Huddleston , the evidence is too big to ignore. The cable reads:

“A series of explosions were reported in Addis Ababa on September 16, killing three individuals. The GoE announced that the bombs went off while being assembled, and that the three dead were terrorists from the outlawed Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) with links to the Oromo National Congress (ONC). An embassy source, as well as clandestine reporting, suggests that the bombing may have in fact been the work of Government of Ethiopia security forces.”

So, what is it that triggered this time for TPLF to commit acts of terrorism on European tourists? Many people in different internet discussion forums were raising different questions. According to some there is something unique that intensified TPLF’s frustration recently. There are plenty of reasons that indicate the Regime’s symptom anxiety disorders. Though there are a wide range of comments, there is consensus regarding the killings that it is most likely aimed to play the card of terrorism to blackmail Eritrea, ESAT TV and opposition forces like G7 and OLF. The majority analysts believe that, TPLF’s killings on the tourists are triggered by the following factors.

  • The Socio-political condition that is highly defragmented and disintegrated among different ethnic groups due to the Regime’s apartheid type of divide and rule policy has reached the highest level and is showing symptom of a possible backfire not as breakup but as a united solidarity against TPLF.
  • The increasing numbers of opposition parties inside and outside Ethiopia are gaining momentum to form a coalition. The recent press release from Oromo Liberation front(OLF) emerging with a new vision to build a “democratic New Ethiopia” in collaboration of other opposition forces, is a big blow on the face and perhaps the most terrorizing event for TPLF on the eve of year 2012.
  • ESAT TV’s coverage is spreading like wild fire all over the world by internet, Radio and satellite television. The impact is very visible and perhaps can be concluded that it is the most peaceful but painful prescription ever invented by brave Ethiopians to tackle TPLF’s dictatorship and suppression.
  • Last but not least is Eritrea’s rapid and impressive economic growth and its booming mining sector. According to TPLF leaders and their follower it is considered as a threat. The recent Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring groups(SEMG) report regarding alleged arms delivery by Eritrea has been proven incorrect. According to SEMG’s investigation the alleged accusations were “incorrect” and “Did not take place”. This report has angered TPLF and thus probably it could be one of the major reasons for the recent TPLF systematized killings of European to reverse the course and tighten Eritrea’s sanction.

The above mentioned factors coupled with TPLF’s historical acts of terrorism track records and added by with that of their hidden support to Al-shabab to keep their favorite terrorism play card to stay in function, the killings are thus most probably the work of TPLF’s depiction and conviction of its intelligence forces. On this regard European countries are encouraged to make their eyes wide open to see the intricacies of the issue in the light of TPLF’s past historical track records and behavior to see the truth behind TPLF’s continuous political nasty drama.

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