August 28, 2018

TPDM Reaches Peace Agreement with Ethiopian Government

TPDM Reaches Peace Agreement with Ethiopian Government

Asmara, 28 August 2018 – The Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM) has reached an agreement with the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to continue its movement through peaceful means.

The meeting of the two sides held today, 28 August, in Asmara was attended by an Ethiopian government delegation headed by General Adem Mohammed, Director of the Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Agency and the Chairman of the TPDM, Mr. Mekonen Tesfai.

According to the agreement reached, the Tigray People’s Democratic Movement, recognizing the prevailing changes in Ethiopia, will conduct its political activities in Ethiopia through peaceful means.A delegation from the TPDM will also travel to Ethiopia to discuss the implementation of the agreement.

Noting that the TPDM has been struggling for the change that is currently prevailing in Ethiopia, Mr. Mekonnen Tesfai said that further discussion will be conducted in Addis Ababa.

Member of the delegation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mr. Tefera Deribew, indicated that encouraged by the current development in Ethiopia, several opposition organizations have decided to continue their political activities through peaceful means inside the country. He also noted that the meeting with the Tigray People’s Democratic Movement was a success.

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