November 4, 2011

Tokombia Bridge making singificant contribution to development of Gash-Barka region: inhabitants

Barentu, 3 November 2011- The iInhabitants of Tokombia semi-urban center said that Tokombia Bridge is making significant contribution to the development of Gash-Barka region.

They explained that with the construction of the bridge they are in a position to enhance development activities as it helped to ease movement from place to place.

Mr. Jemal Saleh, Ms. Akberet Hidrai and Ms. Le’ula Gebrai al three who live in Tokombia semi- urban center stated that following the construction of the bridge economic activities in the area have gained momentum, in addition to enabling them travel to other parts of the country especially during the summer season.

Tokombia is presently getting 18-hour electricity supply, as well as education, health service and potable water supply.

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