March 12, 2018

The Eritrean news is a glimpse of the history of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Eritrea – Popular Front: Hezbawe Genbar

The Eritrean news is a glimpse of the history of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Eritrea – Popular Front: Hezbawe Genbar

Ahmed Omar Sheikh | The Popular Front is a historical and progressive extension of the evolution of the Eritrean revolution and the first forms of rebellion against the Eritrean man against the various forms of aggression and domination of his land and existence, the emergence of the common struggle of the “nine ethnic groups”, the growing desire and efforts to “liberate” And the expulsion of the “colonizers” from it through their various palaces and colors (Ottoman / Italian / British), as well as (The emperor / Healy Silassie feudalism, Colonel / Mencisto Hilly Mariam Social in Ethiopia, and the global and regional forces supporting them), and to the establishment of the Eritrean Liberation Movement and its “Seven Cells”

In the political / era of the end of the “fifties” of the last century, to launch the product of this awareness and framing the Eritrean armed struggle and the first shot after that, which descended from the mountain “Adal” in “1-9-1961″ marked the beginning, to lead the act a number of ” Ra’il revolutionary first “led by the commander / symbol / The hero “Hamed Idris Awati” and his fellow Ashaos, and then the establishment of the “Eritrean Liberation Front” and the emergence of “Eritrean Liberation Forces” in the mid-seventies of the last century, “to take the battlefield alone and battlefields” against the enemy and its “Eritrean” organization of the “Popular Front for the Liberation of Eritrea”, to lead the struggle of the “Eritrean masses” and aspirations to the “homeland” and “independent” entity “Eritrea”, to “achieve” victory and the final “achievement” and the liberation of the entire territory Eritrean flag on 24-5-1991, raising the Eritrean flag on the “mast” and the building of the “United Nations” among nations for the first time in “our history” in the “24-5-1993 m”, and after the “referendum” civilization has never seen the world before , To give the gun to fight the noble dimension and “an affirmation of national sovereignty”, when “Eritreans” and “Eritrean”: “Yes” to “Eritrea” independent p The “armed struggle first” and the “referendum II”, this came after three decades of the armed struggle of the Eritrean people, thus embodying the dream of “millions” of the sons and daughters of this country in fact “tangible” by the “Popular Front” The product and fruit of the accumulation of struggle for the person of this country and the vessel of his dream and desires over generations of sacrifices, which is the one who gave the effort and giving for the sake of the country desired, so and without going into the joints of the past and the turns of the Eritrean revolution and its causes for several reasons: First, that this needs to research and investigation Deep and detailed for any article !! It is necessary to know that we are referring to the “Popular Front” here as the ideological / theatrical / political / social / military / cultural / awareness / struggle / the whole entity which includes the Eritrean people with their vision, dreams and desire to embody the homeland of their fathers and forefathers on the reality page The “Popular Front” is the “state” that is now “ruling” in Eritrea for the 26 years since the independence of the country and continues to bear the burden of homeland and defense and defend it against any aggression that targets it. , Which happened since the year “1998” in the wars that continued To the year “2000” through three “bloody rounds”, and the death of conspiracies aimed at recoiling “Eritrea” and “its people”, where the national project is still under the leadership of the “Popular Front” despite the “intrigues” and “plots” and ” “The” Popular Front “is the historical entity that still grabs the” leash of the act “,” the helm of the present “and” the resistance of the people ” Indicators of the future “because they derive their survival and continuity from the” Eritrean people “, which is tall Which is the “fuel” and “engine” and “frame” and “certain” on the road towards a prosperous future for this country, so that the “Eritrean ship” reaches its anchor / Mtgaha, “Musnouda” with ” Stability “and” security “enjoyed by Eritrea, and in a world of turmoil, ruin and chaos, a grace preserved by the wisdom of this” great Eritrean people “, which produced this” national organization ” Popular “generation behind generation, and it is certainly” with “and” by “there is much to predict the promising future towards” Eritrea “development” and “the great Hypocrisy “and” instinct “as is always the case, the” Popular Front “is you / you / you, and most patriots – patriots free.:
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