August 2, 2011

The Drought Claimed To Prevail In The Horn Of Africa Needs To Be Analyzed From Various Angles

Asmara, 2 August 2011 – A senior official of the Eritrean Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare said that the drought claimed to prevail in the Horn of Africa needs to be analyzed from various angles without getting misled by the on-going ‘drought scenario films’.

The official told ERINA that the root cause of the drought situation that exposed millions of people in the region is the man-made lack of conscious development endeavors.  He further indicated that the different groups and organizations that cause chaos and instability in various zones of the Horn region are those parties that use aid as a means of paralyzing skilled manpower resources, as well as new colonialist practices, and loans as control mechanisms in addition to non-governmental organizations as the source of corruption.

He also noted that the two big causes that bring about amassment of huge so-called development aid are deliberately ignited wars and corrupt practices employing aid as a tool to this end.

In this regard, the official singled out Ethiopia under the TPLF regime as a typical example.  He elaborated that during the past 25 years, Ethiopia got over 25 billion dollars in development  aid, over 14 billion in loan, more that 70 thousand tons of food aid,  as well as  making available   35% of the country’s annual budget in the form of support. Despite this, however, about 8 million Ethiopians live below the ‘safety net’ program, and around 30 million Ethiopians suffer from food shortage.

The senior official further indicated that the country is being categorized as one of the four poorest countries of the world, not in a position to guarantee social services for the citizens. Around 150 thousand prostitutes live in the capital, Addis Ababa, and that there are more 300 thousand homeless citizens, and that around 8% of the city’s residents are carriers of HIV/AIDS.

In conclusion, he underlined the need for through analysis of the causes that gave rise to the aforementioned malaises. Indeed, a number of questions raised: what was the outcome of previous so-called assistance? What are the objectives behind such aid and what about the relations between crises and corruption in the continent? What about the reason behind the number of citizens who live below one dollar a day reaching 1.2 billion? What is the function of the international financial organizations? And why are countries compelled to pay 15 dollars for every single dollar they obtain through loan?

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