August 19, 2016

The clashes between Djibouti troops and FRUD to Yegger and Margoïta the Northwest district of Tadjourah

The clashes between Djibouti troops and FRUD to Yegger and Margoïta the Northwest district of Tadjourah

August 15, 2016 |  6 am to noon, government soldiers attacked during several hours, FRUD positions on Mount Yegger, the attackers were repulsed violently despite the reinforcements which came by Garab and went through Ethiopian territory. The next day, very demoralized soldiers refused to fight. The presence of the FRUD in this area very close to the highway Djibouti – Ethiopia and Galafi concerned not only the Djibouti but Ethiopian authorities that through the notables of the region had asked the FRUD to move further, but the request was rejected because Yegger is part of Djibouti territory until further notice. FRUD who is worried about the passage of Djiboutian soldiers through the Ethiopian territory, have also indicated that it had no intention of attacking Ethiopian interests.

While the Djibouti army had their eye on the Yegger event, on the night of August 15 to 16, the FRUD fighters carried out an attack against the Margoïta camp (located near Mount Ali Moussa, a few km from the Ethiopian border). FRUD, taking advantage of the element of surprise, has created panic among the soldiers, who fired over and dispersed in disarray, leaving the camp empty, which allowed the FRUD to recover several weapons. Some soldiers would still be in the nature. This operation also helped release several families in the area who are maintained by force for years as human shield around the Margoïta camp, some of them were able to cross the border and seek refuge in Ethiopia. Margoïta is not the only place where civilians are held against their will around the military camp to serve as a human shield: it is with Garabtissan (near Lake Assal) and Gal Ela in Mablas where nearby residents have been regrouped and are at the mercy of the government soldiers. Health source reported that several wounded soldiers are treated in hospitals in the capital.

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