December 13, 2011

Thanks to the rebuff of Eritrean nationals a mild resolution was adopted contrary to the intended enemy machination: Eritreans residing abroad

Asmara, 12 December 2011 – The numerous ploys and activities of the United States to block development progress in Eritrea miserably failed, disclosed Eritrean nationals residing abroad through articles they posted in different websites.

In an article titled FAILED U.S. ENDEAVOURS, Ms. Seble Ephrem said that Washington’s recent hasty maneuver in the Horn of Africa twisting justice, equipped with sham democracy and violating human rights is the result of its failure, and that its hectic effort to block the economic and social development in Eritrea is a good example.

Ms. Seble also indicated that the US which failed in its attempt to apply tougher sanctions on Eritrea through intimidating members of the Security Council and bringing fabricated evidence was met with strong opposition by members of the Council. She further pointed out that the objective of the US is not to foster peace and stability in the Horn of Africa but rather create regional hegemonic collaborators in crime.

In conclusion of her article, Ms. Seble explained that Eritrea cannot truly be contributing to the unrest in Somalia to the level that the US alleges, which the SC, AU, IGAD and others very well know. They also know exactly who is perpetrating the crimes and then crying wolf. To cover their own failures, they sought to find an innocent victim. “It is a crying shame for the UN to have failed to demonstrate its corporate integrity by succumbing to POWER,” Ms. Seble underscored.

Likewise , Mr. Berhane Alazar, in his article titled “Victimizing Eritrea, the US does it Again!”, pointed out that the US which tried to push yet another illegal and unjust UN sanction resolution against Eritrea for no justifiable reason has miserably failed lacking substantial evidence and through the strong rebuff of the Eritrean people.

The writer, who noted that the US has nothing to gain by dehumanizing the Eritrean leadership and has no right to meddle in Eritrea’s internal affairs assured that the Eritrean people, while deeply saddened by the latest UN action, are not deterred from their noteworthy pledge of never betraying their nation.

The Eritrean nationals stated in their articles that the 2% remittance is not valued by the amount of money paid but a vivid testimony to the strong bondage of the Eritrean people.

Also in a statement it issued, the Organization of Eritrean Americans called on all peace-loving peoples and nations around the world to denounce the UN action and fight to reverse these unjust and extremely reckless resolutions, i.e. 1907(2009) and 2023 (2011).

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