January 21, 2012

Terrorism and other acts of subversion are ploys that the TPLF regime employs in a bid to transgress supremacy of law: Expert

Asmara,21 January 2012- Mr. Attia Essawy, expert on African issues, said that terrorism and other acts of subversion are ploys to which the TPLF regime employs in a bid to transgress the supremacy of law.

In an interview he conducted with the BBC, he pointed out that the attacks that reportedly occurred in the Afar region of Ethiopia by internal opposition movements resulting from the TPLF regime’s misguided policies and its supporters, and blaming Eritrea to divert the attention of the world from the prevailing internal instability in the country.

He further explained that the main cause of the continuous instability and crises in the Horn region; including the continued occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories in violation of the EEBC’s virtual demarcation decision are the result of the misguided US policies in the region.

Mr. Attia Essawi further noted that the TPLF regime has not only been engaged in acts of hostility against Eritrea but also committing military interference in Somalia and other countries in the region due to the fact that the US failed to live up to its responsibility but also because it considers the TPLF regime its agent in East Africa.

He further explained that had it not been for Washington’s support, the TPLF regime, let alone to invade and occupy neighboring countries, it wouldn’t be able to survive even for a single day.

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