March 29, 2014

Opinion: Diverting the Blue Nile’s course could...

Opinion: Diverting the Blue Nile’s course could take Africa to war

 Huda Al Hussein by Huda Al Hussein | Water wars, many warn, could be around the corner. After the removal of former President Mohamed Mursi, Egypt has inherited a huge problem: Addis Ababa decided to divert the course of the Blue Nile late May, as part of its project to generate electricity through the construction of the Renaissance Dam. Ethiopia took the decision—which will have a negative impact on Egypt’s share of the water from the Nile—one day after Mursi returned to Cairo from a state visit to Addis Ababa, a move the Egyptians considered as a blow to the Islamist president. Ethiopians seem to have sensed Egypt’s weak position. Read more

March 23, 2014

Executive Director of the United Nations Office on...

Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Yury Fedotov: Statement on World Water Day

 United Nations Office on Drugs  and Crime (UNODC)VIENNA, 21 March (United Nations Information Service)(HORNA-Vienna) – The 22 March is World Water Day. The theme is water and energy. Across this planet, 1.3 billion people are unable to access electricity, 768 million lack access to improved water services and over one-third of the world’s population have no improved sanitation. Read more

October 31, 2013

Blue Gold: The Coming Water Wars

Blue Gold: The Coming Water Wars

by Gordon G. Chang | Yesterday, nations went to war for land. Today, our conflicts involve energy. And tomorrow, Brahma Chellaney writes, the battles will be about water. The award-winning author believes that Mark Twain was right when he said, “Whisky is for drinking, water is for fighting over.” Read more

معركة المياه

معركة المياه

Brahma Chellaney, نيويورك ــ كانت المنافسة الجيوسياسية الدولية المحتدمة على الموارد الطبيعية سبباً في تحويل بعض الموارد الاستراتيجية إلى محركات للصراع على السلطة. فقد تحولت موارد المياه العابرة للحدود الوطنية مصدراً نشطاً بشكل خاص للمنافسة والصراع، فانطلق سباق محموم لبناء السدود وارتفعت دعوات متنامية تطالب الأمم المتحدة بالاعتراف بالمياه باعتبارها مصلحة أمنية أساسية. Read more

The Battle for Water

The Battle for Water

Brahma Chellaney

by Brahma Chellaney, Professor of Strategic Studies at the New Delhi-based Center for Policy Research | The sharpening international geopolitical competition over natural resources has turned some strategic resources into engines of power struggle. Transnational water resources have become an especially active source of competition and conflict, triggering a dam-building race and prompting growing calls for the United Nations to recognize water as a key security concern. Read more

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