June 4, 2020

Eritrea’s Response to the Report of the Special...

Eritrea’s Response to the Report of the Special Rapporteur

The UNHRC Special Rapporteur issued, on 17th April this year, a 20- page annual report on Eritrea.  Sadly, the report is replete with the same presumptive and offensive allegations that have characterized the annual reports since 2012.

Eritrea has duly and comprehensively addressed the fallacies and flaws of these distorted and recycled narratives in its previous official statements and communications to the UNHRC.  The fact is these reports are mostly collated as is from publications of, and in some instances worked out in cahoots with, Eritrea’s arch-enemies. In the event, we will focus, in this brief statement, on the most egregious sections of the current report. Read more

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