November 7, 2017

Professional Forum held in London UK

Professional Forum held in London UK

London | Mr. Yohannes Fassil, member of the Advisory Board, presented the opening remarks by welcoming the participants and wishing the event a success. The aim of the forum is to start mobilising Eritrean Professionals towards the establishment of strong, viable and vibrant associations and to establish practical and formal links with institutions in Eritrea. Read more

October 10, 2017

Witness of the most unique & fabulous...

Witness of the most unique & fabulous discussion & workshop forum, hundreds of youth participate the conference in UK!

Sheffield, 7th October 2017 | Eritrea Youth Discussion & Workshop Conference that was held in Sheffield, United Kingdom has concluded with enthusiasm. The goal of the educational Conference, was designed to harness and build a “Patriotic, Conscious, Youth Movement”, which will build on Eritrea’s past achievements, experiences and safeguard inherited values critical for Eritrea’s desire for a sustainable economic, political and social development. The conference had workshops designed to help youth discuss and debate, learn from each other about their history, heritage and culture, as well as share their professional experiences. Read more

October 2, 2017

Women Forum held in Manchester UK

Women Forum held in Manchester UK

On Saturday 30th September 2017 the National Union of Eritrea Women Manchester Chapter organised a forum on education, challenges / opportunities, families & youth residing in United Kingdom. The speaker provide insight into the challenges and opportunities and share some real life case studies and discuss the most pressing issues which the community is facing today in the United Kingdom. The aim of the event was to create an effective platform for communication and information sharing for existing and potential members of the communities.
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August 13, 2017

Eritrean Sensation Aron Kifle and Awet Habte...

Eritrean Sensation Aron Kifle and Awet Habte qualified for the 5k final

London, 11 August 2017 | Eritrean Sensation Aron Kifle and Awet Habte, raced in a Men’s 5000m heat during the World Athletics Championships in London and got qualified for the 5k final tomorrow Saturday 12th August! Both Eritrean Athlete are in a great shape, expected to be among the top 6 tomorrow.

On a wet, windy London summer’s evening, Mo Farah managed once again to elicit roars of approval from an adoring IAAF World Championships crowd. And that was just for the warm up strides.

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July 26, 2017

Witness some of themost unique & fabulous...

Witness some of themost unique & fabulous festival celebrations, thousands of people celebrate and participate the 16th Annual Eritrea UK Festival!

The British Eritrean Festival UK 2017, which took place at Harrow Leisure Centre concluded its 16th Annual British Eritrean Festival UK on Sunday 23rd July 2017.  Read more

Commemoration of Operation Fenkil Opens

Dutch action is unwarranted and unacceptable

Interview: President Isaias on domestic issues

وزير الإعلام الإرترى يمانى جبرميسكل لـ...

Interview with President Isaias Afwerki

President Isaias Leaves for Egypt