May 6, 2019

Eritrean community in Qatar celebrate Independence...

Eritrean community in Qatar celebrate Independence Day anniversary

Asmara, 06 May 2019- Eritrean nationals in Qatar colorfully celebrated the 28th Independence Day anniversary on 3 May under the theme “Resilience for Higher Progress”.

The ceremony in which invited guests, Qatar based Ambassadors and members of the Diplomatic Corps of various countries, as well as hundreds of nationals took part was highlighted with musical and artistic performances by cultural troupe from Eritrea. Read more

December 5, 2018

Eritrean community festival in Qatar

Eritrean community festival in Qatar

Asmara, 04 December 2018- Eritrean community in Qatar conducted its 10th annual festival. The festival was attended by a number of nationals, members of Diplomatic community and invited guests.

Indicating that the annual festival will have significant contribution in consolidating the attachment the nationals will have with their homeland and in strengthening the relations with other communities, Mr. Ali Ibrahim, Eritrean Ambassador to Qatar, said that this year’s festival is unique for it is being held at the time of lifting of the unwarranted sanctions that was imposed on Eritrea. Read more

May 13, 2018

تحت شعار”الرؤى بالعمل” إحتفلت السفارة...

تحت شعار”الرؤى بالعمل” إحتفلت السفارة الإرترية بدولة قطر بعيد الإستقلال السابع والعشرون

وسط حضور رسمي وشعبي غير مسبوق احتفلت سفارة دولة إرتريا لدى دولة قطر مساء الجمعة الموافق 11مايو2018 بالصالة الزرقاء بقاعات ريجنسي الدوحة

Read more

November 26, 2017

Eritrean community festival in Qatar

Eritrean community festival in Qatar

Asmara, 25 November 2017- The Eritrean community festival in Qatar is undergoing with patriotic zeal. The festival which commenced on 23 November and in which a number of nationals residing in Qatar as well as officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar and diplomatic corps took part was opened by Mr. Ali Ibrahim, Eritrean Ambassador to Qatar. Read more

July 12, 2017

Response to Al Jazeera

Response to Al Jazeera

Mr. Al Anstey, CEO
Al Jazeera Media Network

Dear Mr. Al Anstey,
I refer to a derogatory article: “Eritrea: Anecdotes of indefinite anarchy” that was posted in Al Jazeera’s website on Thursday (July 6) last week. The article in question essentially dwells on a barrage of vitriol against Eritrea by a notorious author who routinely engages in a smear campaign against the country. Read more

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