November 13, 2021

መግለጺ ሚኒስትሪ ዜና

መግለጺ ሚኒስትሪ ዜና

ምምሕዳር ስርዓት ኣሜሪካ፡ ከም መቐጸልታ ዝምቡዕ ተጻባኢ ፖሊሲታቱ፡ ሓድሽ ዝመስል ዓላቚ “እገዳ” ኣዊጁ’ሎ።

ኣብ ቀርኒ ኣፍሪቃ ብሓፈሻ፡ ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ ኸኣ ብፍሉይ፡ ዘላቒ (sustainable) ርግኣት ዝፈጥር መሰረታዊ ፍታሕ ንኸይወሓስ፡ ቀጻሊ/ዝተናውሐ ናይ ህውከት (chaos) ሕሱም-ሸንኰለል ንምምሕዳር፡ ንኤርትራ ብጠቐነ ግዳይ/ገንሸል ንምግባር ዝዓለመ፣ ኣህጉራዊ ሕጊ ዝረግጽ፣ ልዑላዊነትን ናጽነትን ሓርነትን ህዝብታትን ሃገራትን ዝግህስ – በይናዊ እገዳ’ዩ። Read more

PRESS STATEMENT: Eritrea Deplores Illicit and...

PRESS STATEMENT: Eritrea Deplores Illicit and Immoral US Sanctions

The US Administration has declared seemingly new, unwarranted, “sanctions” on Eritrea as a continuation of its misguided and hostile policy.

This unilateral sanction, that shifts blame to and scapegoats Eritrea on the basis of spurious allegations, is in contravention of international law, and constitutes a flagrant breach of the sovereignty, independence and liberation of peoples and nations. Read more

June 16, 2021



On 15 June 2021, UN Security Council members held an in-person informal interactive dialogue (IID) on the humanitarian situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Lowcock and WFP Executive Director David Beasley were invited to brief the members. Representatives of the Ethiopian Government were also invited to participate. Eritrea was not invited, and rightfully so, as this was purely a matter on internal affairs in Ethiopia. Read more

March 23, 2021

Press Statement – EU’s Baseless and Offensive...

Press Statement – EU’s Baseless and Offensive Resolution

Eritrea rejects the offensive and counterproductive resolution the EU Council of Ministers has adopted against it today. In what it termed as “restrictive measures for serious human rights violations”, the EU has specifically targeted Eritrea’s National Security Office in its malicious act. The EU has no legal or moral prerogative for its decision and has merely invoked trumped-up charges to harass Eritrea for other ulterior motives.

In fact, the EU has been doggedly working to save and bring back to power the defunct TPLF clique and to undermine the region’s own efforts to address challenges and advance comprehensive and durable cooperation.  The EU has particularly targeted Eritrea in a futile attempt to drive a wedge between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Asmara, 22 March 20

June 14, 2019

Press Statement on the occasion of the visit of...

Press Statement on the occasion of the visit of Lt. General Abdul-Fattah Al-Burhan; Chairman of the Transitional Military Council

For over thirty years, Sudan’s National Congress Party – an adjunct and continuation of the Islamic Movement – inflicted unparalleled damage in the country thereby creating a vacuum.  The following few and major events illustrate the gravity of the prevalent situation:

* Pushing South  Sudan to opt for secession and precipitating a situation of recurrent tension;

* Perpetuating and micro-managing the problems in Darfur, Kordofan, Blue Nile, the East and other areas;

* Inducing the proliferation of over 120 political organizations and parties in order to divide and weaken them and thereby prolong its rule;

* Impoverishing the Sudan – potentially a breadbasket  – and causing it to suffer chronic bread shortages;

* Installing a corrupt and kleptocratic regime in stark contrast to its pronounced agenda of “advocacy for the deprived and promotion of social justice”;

* Not only has it caused Sudan’s debt to skyrocket to over 50 billion US dollars, but it also plunged the country into spiraling  economic crisis; Read more

Training on discovering and researching ancient...

PFDJ Conference in Switzerland

Press Statement – Eritrea’s Preliminary...

Seminar for Eritrean nationals in Riyadh

Workshop on leadership and organization

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