December 16, 2015

“It’s wonderful to engage with the youth who...

“It’s wonderful to engage with the youth who are so enthusiastic and inquisitive”

At times, people are faced with daunting walls in life. Some choose to seek a path that takes them around the wall. Others may search for a way to go under the wall. Some others may attempt to locate a course taking them over the wall. And some people may reach the wall, become daunted and then turn back. Read more

November 6, 2015

Interview avec Mohamed Hassan

Interview avec Mohamed Hassan

Interview avec Mohamed HassanComment Poutine force les Etats Unis à dévoiler leur jeu

Réalisée par :Grégoire Lalieu
Quand Poutine a proposé à la tribune des Nations unies de former contre les terroristes une coalition semblable à celle contre Hitler, les chancelleries occidentales lui ont réservé un accueil mitigé. Pire, les premières frappes russes ont créé l’émoi : Poutine s’attaquerait aux rebelles modérés plutôt qu’à Daesh. « Quels rebelles modérés ? » demande Mohamed Hassan. PDF

September 22, 2015

Eritrea: Migrazione e diritto d’asilo,...

Eritrea: Migrazione e diritto d’asilo, intervista all’ambasciatore Fesshazion Pietros

Africa Oggi, Settesera, (7 Gold) Intervista con l'Ambasciatore Fesshazion Pietroseritrealive | La puntata di Porta a Porta di martedì 8 settembre ha registrato altissimi indici d’ascolto per la presenza in studio degli eredi Casamonica, figlia e nipote, che spiegavano le virtù del loro congiunto e il suo chiacchierato funerale. Read more

September 7, 2015

Everything You Are Not Supposed to Know about...

Everything You Are Not Supposed to Know about Eritrea: Part 1

Interview of Mohamed Hassan by Grégoire Lalieu and Michel Collon / June 30th, 2010

The Horn of Africa is one of the deadliest regions on that continent, rent by incessant warfare, famine and poverty … These are images familiar to everyone.  But few people know that Eritrea considers it possible to escape from this vicious circle, to resolve its conflicts through negotiation and to attain a high level of development. Read more

August 6, 2015

Yemane Gebreab: “Eritrea would welcome...

Yemane Gebreab: “Eritrea would welcome help”

Yemane Gebreab: "Eritrea would welcome help"

The following is Ulrich Coppel’s interview with Yemane Ghebreab during a visit to Asmara | by Peter Schidtal Read more

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