November 14, 2019

Statement by Eritrea’s Delegation at ICPD...

Statement by Eritrea’s Delegation at ICPD Conference


In 1994, when International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) was held in Cairo, Eritrea crafted its National Charter while celebrating its 1st de jure independence. In that Charter, it was clearly stated that; “the issue of women is a major social issue and a society that doesn’t respect the rights and equality of women cannot be truly considered liberated”. Hence, it funneled its financial wherewithal, including international support, to achieve these noble objectives.

In this respect, the GOE made education free for all; from elementary to tertiary level; increased number of schools from just 132 to 1987; NER in elementary school from 30% to 83.2%; in middle school from 6% to 48%. This was done with the objective of enhancing girls’ participation, retention and performance in education. Read more

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