April 18, 2018

Sixteen years of unbridled violence and defiance

Sixteen years of unbridled violence and defiance

by Simon Weldemichael | The silence of the International community over the actions of the defiant Ethiopia that obstructs the demarcation of the boundary according to the ruling of Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) given an April 22, 2002 is amongst the most atrocious crimes the world has witnessed. Read more

December 14, 2017

Ethiopia-win-et: Deconstructing the T-TPLF’s...

Ethiopia-win-et: Deconstructing the T-TPLF’s Ethnic Federalism (Part I)

I am developing this multipart series of what I call “Deconstructing Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia” (along with many other topical series to come) for several reasons. The Thugtatorship of Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) has used its phony ideology of “ethnic federalism” to hoodwink and bamboozle Ethiopians into believing its system of ethnic apartheid supremacy is actually federalism. It is stunning how a group of high school and grammar school dropouts have been able to con a population of 100 million people into accepting their ethnic apartheid masters are actually their liberators. Read more

September 27, 2017

Hundreds Feared Dead, Tens of Thousands Displaced...

Hundreds Feared Dead, Tens of Thousands Displaced in Ethnic Clashes in Ethiopia

sputniknews | Inter-ethnic clashes in southern Ethiopia have led to widespread bloodshed amid the struggle for arable land over the past month, the country’s authorities have said.

“We can say hundreds from the Oromo ethnicity were killed…and there were also deaths on the Somali side, we don’t know exactly how many,” government spokesman Negeri Lencho told reporters at a press conference on Monday, AFP reports. Read more

August 9, 2017

Campaign to make Westerners aware of Ethiopia’s...

Campaign to make Westerners aware of Ethiopia’s human rights

by David Steinman | Operation Conscience is a social impact campaign to make Westerners aware of Ethiopia’s human rights crisis. It’s sponsored by Money, Blood and Conscience, an anti-EPRDF novel–coming soon to Amazon. Read more

May 8, 2017

دموع التماسيح الإثيوبية

دموع التماسيح الإثيوبية

ما حدث في حي منفوحة بمدينة الرياض من شغب قام به الإثيوبيون ، لم يكن مفاجأة بالنسبة لي ، فقد توقعت حدوث ذلك ، وربما يقع مثله في احياء اخرى ، ومدن ثانيه ، لان المخالفين لنظام الإقامة يظنون ان المملكة قد تتراجع عن ترحيلهم ولو لبعض الوقت ، اتقاء لمشاكلهم ، ومراعاة لنظرة العالم المتحفز لأي خطأ في الإجراءات قد تقع فيها بعض الجهات المسؤولة عن ترحيلهم ، وقد فات أولئك انهم ليسوا لاجئين بهذا البلد ، ممن أجبرتهم الكوارث على النزوح إلينا ، وليست إقامتهم نظامية ، بل هم مخالفون ، ومرتكبون جرم التسلل الى بلاد ليست بلادهم ، كما ان وجودهم ليس لطلب الرزق الحلال ، فأغلبهم يتاجرون بالممنوعات ، مثل الخمور التي يقومون بإعدادها بمنازلهم ، ويمارس الكثير منهم الدعارة التي تفشت وانتشرت بينهم ، ويتبع آخرون طرق السلب ، والنهب ، والسرقة، والاحتيال ، وبيع المخدرات . Read more

A Look Back on Eritrea’s Historic 1993...

5th YPFDJ Conference in Saudi Arabia concludes

Sixteen years of unbridled violence and defiance

Cabinet of Ministers holds meeting

14th YPFDJ Conference concludes

14th YPFDJ conference in Europe underway