May 21, 2017

Eri-Community Exhibition 2017

High Level Achievements in the Annual Health...

High Level Achievements in the Annual Health Sector Report of 2016 in Eritrea

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health systems with the following key pillars; (i)The establishment of effective policies, strategies and procedures, (ii)the construction of physical infrastructure (iii)the use of appropriate technology (iv)ensuring the availability of medicines and medical supplies (v) effective and efficient services (vi) well trained human resources and (vii) appropriate health information system. Implementation of these pillars in an integrated and coherent manner is crucial for having efficient, effective, and responsive health systems that assure equitable access for individuals, families and communities.Currently, the Ministry of Health is functioning with 29 hospitals, 56 health centers, 195 health stations, 8 maternal and child health clinics, 60 clinics and a total of 9805 human workforce out of which the technical staffs are 6,228 and the administrative staffs are 3,577. This report is about the high level achievements in the health.

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May 19, 2017

Pledge to reflect true image of their country

Pledge to reflect true image of their country

Eritrean nationals residing in Toronto, Canada, as well as in Kassel, Cologne and Northern Germany expressed resolve to enhance unity and reflect the true image of their country.

At a seminar the nationals held in Toronto on 14 May they explained that they will strengthen organizational capacity and unity and resolve to foil the external conspiracies against their country. Read more

May 18, 2017

Sheik Alamin Osman passes away

Sheik Alamin Osman passes away

Sheik Alamin Osman Alamin, Mufti of Eritrea and Chairman of the Central Office of Eritrean Eftae and Islamic Affairs, passed away today at the age of 93.

Sheik Alamin was born in 1924 in Ailet, Ghinda sub-zonre. He attended higher education at the Omdurman University in the Sudan, and graduated from Al-Ahzar University in Egypt in 1954 in Islamic Affairs and Arabic language. Read more

May 17, 2017

National Forestation Day Marked

National Forestation Day Marked

National Forestation Day,15 May, was observed at the Expo grounds here in the capital with different activities under the theme “Let’s Bequeath Green Environment to Our Children”.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, Minister of Agriculture, underlined that community-based agricultural and forestation activities should be developed so as to ensure effective utilization of the available land resource. Read more

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