January 29, 2013

Italian-Eritrean scientists uncover...

Italian-Eritrean scientists uncover million-year-old fossil

Italian-Eritrean scientists uncover million-year-old fossil28/01/2013 Gazzetta del Sud online | Milan, January 28 – An Italian-Eritrean research team has discovered skull fragments of a human ancestor dating back approximately one million years. The fossils were found at Muhuli Amo in Eritrea, which lies in the Horn of Africa, at an archaeological site where a wealth of early tools have been found.

The international research team, led by paleoanthropologist Alfredo Coppa of Rome’s University Sapienza, says the skull fragments belong to the same individual whose remains have been previously discovered by researchers. Read more

December 24, 2011

Over 1 million year-old human skeleton...

Massawa, 23 December 2011 – Over one-million year-old human skeleton including skulls and molars has been unearthed in Buya area, Northern Red Sea region.

In the task undertaken by Eritrean and Italian archaeologists, the skeleton of the human species was excavated by Mr. Tsegai Medin, director of research department at the National Museum of Eritrea. Read more

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