August 6, 2020

Encouraging vegetables and fruits farming in...

Encouraging vegetables and fruits farming in Gerset

Barentu, 06 August 2020- As part of the agricultural activities being conducted at the Gerset Agricultural Project, encouraging vegetables and fruits farming is being conducted. The report was made by the coordinators and staff members of the agricultural project.

According to Mr. Yosief Haile, head of Fruits and Crops Development, the agricultural project is engaged in cultivation of variety of crops, vegetables and fruits farming as well as livestock breeding and so far encouraging outcome is being registered. Read more

March 2, 2013

Cropping System in Eritrea

Cropping System in Eritrea

Cropping System in EritreaThe cropping system is very flexible because it is largely determined by the amount of floodwater and rainfall received, which vary from year to year. Crops failures due to shortage of water is very common, thus the farmers have developed a cropping mechanism (a cropping system) to deal with crop failures. At the beginning of a cropping season, a late maturing crop is planted. Read more

December 25, 2012

Big agricultural programs worth over 100 million...

Big agricultural programs worth over 100 million Nakfa implemented in Southern region in 2012

Mendefera, 24 December 2012- Big agricultural programs worth over 100 million Nakfa have been implemented in the Southern region in 2012 which include construction of dams, water diversion schemes, leveling of land, as well as afforestation programs and cultivation of green animal fodder, disclosed Mr. Bahta Tedros, head of MOA branch in the region.

In a report he presented at a  the meeting held in Mendefera to assess activities of the Ministry’s branch office, he indicated that with the popular campaign made in leveling land and afforestation programs around 1.7 million tree seedlings have been planted out of which 87% are in good condition.

Mr. Bahta further indicated that with such initiative which diary farmers took alongside vegetable farmers it was possible to supply the market with 38 million liters of milk and which registered 12% increase compared to that of the previous year. Besides, vegetable and eggs production has shown increase of 16% and 33% respectively.

Mr. Arefaine Berhe, Minister of Agriculture, commending the exemplary role of the vegetable and diary farmers of the region said that the agricultural output there especially that of selected seeds distributed to farmers during the rainy season have registered encouraging yield.

He further advised farmers to prepare their land before hand and strengthen participation in efforts to ensure food security.

Like wise, Mr. Mustafa Nurhusein, Administrator of the region, stressed the importance of conducting thorough assessment on agricultural production and called on all engaged in agricultural activities to reinforce participation for the success of development programs.

December 13, 2012

Areza sub-zone witnessing better output pertaining...

Areza sub-zone witnessing better output pertaining to irrigation farming

Areza sub-zone witnessing better output pertaining to irrigation farmingAreza, 12 December 2012 – Irrigation and dairy farmers in Areza sub-zone said that they are in a position to attain better output in line with the integrated efforts they have been exerting, thus ensuring considerable supply to the local market. Read more

December 7, 2012

Central region: Ministry organizes seminar...

Central region: Ministry organizes seminar regarding sweet potato

Asmara, 7 December 2012 – The Agriculture Ministry’s branch in the Central region has organized a seminar as regards sweet potato and methods of food processing to this end.

In this connection, Mr. Yemane Tesfazgi, Horticulture expert in Serejeqa sub-zone, gave detailed briefing and demonstration at the research site around Embaderho village. Read more

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