September 12, 2020

Desert Locust Swarm invasion put under control in...

Desert Locust Swarm invasion put under control in Selea’ subzone

The desert locust infestation that appeared in Tahra district area Selea’ sub zone in the Gash Barka region has been put under control through coordinated efforts by the ministry of agriculture, residents of the sub zone and defense force units.

According to reports from ERINA, the desert locust infestation that came across Habero subzone was stretched on 42 hectares of land but was put under control thanks to the coordinated effort.

Despite this achievement, some desert locust swarms have managed to cross to Sheriet area and that constant follow up will be reinforced till the infestation is put under control, according to further reports.
Pointing out that most of the desert locust invasion that has infested several parts of Eritrea since mid-August remains under control, the Ministry of Agriculture called on farmers to remain vigilant and make instant follow ups until their crops are fully harvested.

August 17, 2020

Gerset Agriculture Project creating practical...

Gerset Agriculture Project creating practical learning opportunity

Barentu, 17 August 2020 –Gerset Agriculture Project has created significant opportunity in translating into practice the theoretical knowledge they have acquired in colleges, newly college and other vocational centers graduates indicated.

The graduates noted that Gerset Agriculture Project encompasses crop, vegetables and fruits farming activities, livestock development as well as agricultural and animal laboratories and that has helped them gain practical experiences through directly engaging in the activities. Read more

August 7, 2020

Ministry of Agriculture reinforces efforts to...

Ministry of Agriculture reinforces efforts to ensure supply of safe milk and its products

The Regulatory Services Department (RSD) of the Ministry of Agriculture is reinforcing its quality and safety control activities to ensure safe supply of agricultural products, mainly milk and its products to consumers.  As per the “Legal Notice 113/ 2006: Regulations to Determine the Requirements and Standards for Milk and Milk Products Processing Plants”, regular inspection activities are carried out by RSD inspectors along with the National Animal and  Plant Health Laboratory (NAPHL) technicians to make sure that pasteurized milk and milk products  produced  from these plants have the right safety and quality standards. Read more

August 6, 2020

Encouraging vegetables and fruits farming in...

Encouraging vegetables and fruits farming in Gerset

Barentu, 06 August 2020- As part of the agricultural activities being conducted at the Gerset Agricultural Project, encouraging vegetables and fruits farming is being conducted. The report was made by the coordinators and staff members of the agricultural project.

According to Mr. Yosief Haile, head of Fruits and Crops Development, the agricultural project is engaged in cultivation of variety of crops, vegetables and fruits farming as well as livestock breeding and so far encouraging outcome is being registered. Read more

March 2, 2013

Cropping System in Eritrea

Cropping System in Eritrea

Cropping System in EritreaThe cropping system is very flexible because it is largely determined by the amount of floodwater and rainfall received, which vary from year to year. Crops failures due to shortage of water is very common, thus the farmers have developed a cropping mechanism (a cropping system) to deal with crop failures. At the beginning of a cropping season, a late maturing crop is planted. Read more

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