May 31, 2015

“Africa Day” celebrated

“Africa Day” celebrated

“Africa Day” celebrated

“Africa Day” has been celebrated on 30 May at Asmara Palace Hotel in the presence of Ministers, senior Government and Front officials, Ambassadors and representatives of international organizations. In a speech he delivered at the occasion, Mr. Osman Saleh, Eritrean Foreign Minister, said that Africa has witnessed immense changes and transformation which include decolonization from imperial powers and the quest for emancipation of its people through enormous struggle and sacrifice, and that should have paved way for the desired objective. Read more

May 27, 2015

Obama’s “Failed State” Policy in Africa

Obama’s “Failed State” Policy in Africa

Obama’s “Failed State” Policy in Africaby Thomas C. Mountain | The Obama regime must be held responsible for a series of failed or nearly failed states on the African continent. Recently Burundi has been in the news but it could just as easily be Nigeria, Mali or the Central African Republic. Whether the calamities that have befallen these neocolonialist constructions have been intentional or not, the ruination and depredations inflicted on large swaths of Africa amount to what can only be described as a failed state policy.

While Libya, and before that Somalia, are overt examples of the western implementation of the failed state policy in Africa an honest appraisal of what has happened in South Sudan can only add it to this list. It has been almost a year and a half since the civil war broke out there and not one western “expert” has tried to explain where the so called “rebels” led by Reik Machar are getting the funds needed to pay for the salaries of their fighters let alone the fuel, ammunition and other expenses maintaining such a large conflagration requires.

Of course, the only winner so far has been the USA which has succeed in protecting its national interests by once again having the Chinese expelled from the only African oil fields they control.
Many of the other neocolonialist entities created by the western colonialists upon their retreat from direct rule in Africa have done so little for their people that in reality they could be described as failed states.

What else can you call a country where the population lives in such abject poverty that a major part of the society lacks such basic human rights as clean drinking water, adequate food and shelter let alone education or health care.
The entire country of Liberia lacks electricity and running water. Kenya, often touted as  one of Africa’s success stories, provides electricity to only 26% of its people and running water to even fewer.

If one compares the lives of the people of Cuba, who have suffered under onerous sanctions by the USA since their liberation to the lives of almost all Africans the differences are stark, and appalling.
“Crisis Management” is what Pax Americana has implemented in Africa for decades past, as in create a crisis and then manage the ensuing chaos to better loot and plunder more of Africa’s wealth.

The failed state policy comes into play when the pressure the USA applies directly, or through its proxies, can cause prosperous, let alone already failing societies to begin to disintegrate filling our screens with ever more scenes of death and destruction.
When it comes to the number and magnitude of the crimes committed in Africa under Obama one looks back on the much less dangerous days of the idiots of the Bush Jr. regime. The list of failed, or nearly so, states in Africa under the rule of “Barry O’Bomber”, BHO’s nickname during his formative teenage years, has taken a great leap forward.

A nightmare scenario is another Clinton seems next to succeed to the throne and the thought of the rabidly vindictive Hillary wreaking havoc in Africa as Commander in Chief does not make for a pleasant nights sleep.

Thomas C. Mountain has been living and writing from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain at g_ mail_ dot _com

January 22, 2015

From Eritrea to Madagascar, here are 7 of...

From Eritrea to Madagascar, here are 7 of Africa’s ‘must experience’ train journeys

Madagascar's beautiful "Micheline" train (Photo: IamNotUnique)Despite Ethiopia being the first country in SSAfrica to have a railway, a train has not left Addis Ababa in six year – that’s about to change.

Train services between Tanzania and Zambia are currently paralysed by a strike of more than 1,500 Tanzanian workers over pay.

Workers have allegedly not been paid for five months by Tanzania’s government because of a financial crisis at the railway authority. These types of hang-ups are often commonplace on the continent, and it’s to be expected.

Read more

December 1, 2014

بطرس غالي:‏إفريقيا مؤهلة لمزيد من الصراعات...

بطرس غالي:‏إفريقيا مؤهلة لمزيد من
الصراعات ونهب الثروات مازال مستمرا

 بطرس غالي:‏إفريقيا مؤهلة لمزيد من  الصراعات ونهب الثروات مازال مستمراالأهرام : حوار أجرته‏:‏ عائشـة عبدالغفـار
فقائمة المناصب التي تولاها طويلة لعل أهمها أمين عام الأمم المتحدة ومنظمة الفرنكوفونية والمجلس القومي لحقوق الانسان, وما أكثر الكتب التي كتبها بالفرنسية والانجليزية والعربية عن الدبلوماسية الدولية والعربية ومنظمة الوحدة الإفريقية والقضايا العربية والسياسات الخارجية المصرية والدبلوماسية في إفريقيا, ومنها طريق مصر إلي القدس وحماس وبيت من زجاج وخطة
السلام والتنمية والديمقراطية. Read more

November 28, 2014

Globalization: Crony capitalism and its effect on...

Globalization: Crony capitalism and its effect on the African nations

Globalization: Crony capitalism and its effect on the African nationsby Berhane Woldu | 1971 Nixon dismantled the Brinton Woods system deregulated currencies, ending the gold’s role in finical trading. He introduced the flotation system that expanded the unregulated capital and the formation of globalization. This gave way to tax inversion, cheap export, low wages, overseas head quarters and increase corporate profits. Read more

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