April 10, 2011

Successful Tasks Accomplished In Proper Administration Of Natural Resources

Asmara, 10 April 2011- The Minister of Land, Water and Environment, Mr. Tesfay Gebreselasie disclosed that successful tasks were carried out to ensure the proper utilization and administration of natural resources by outlining distinct policies and strategies.

In an interview he conducted in connection with the Ministry’s symposium due to be held in Barentu from 11 to 13 April, Mr. Tesfay pointed out that any development plans in the country should consider not just the demands of the present generation but should rather be implemented in a manner that expands the capacity and opportunities of coming generations. Stating that natural resources should be used in a way that guarantees the economic well being of every citizen, the Minister underlined that Eritrean nationals have the right to land ownership, clean drinking water and safe environment. Taking the aforementioned rights as its primary objective, the Ministry is striving for its implementation on the ground and commendable results have been registered thus far, he added.

Highlighting that land cannot legally be exchanged, transferred as inheritance or given as a gift, Mr. Tesfay said that the Ministry collaborates with local administrations and other bodies to ensure that land is used for the desired purpose.

The Minister went on to indicate that although access to drinking water is every national’s right, a proclamation has been issued to ensure prudent distribution of water so as to preserve and promote water sources in the country.

Pointing out that in striving to improve their living standard, nationals should focus not on acquiring vast areas of land but using modern methods to increase their productivity, Mr. Tesfay explained that there is great potential in the country for the development of underground water sources.
Mr. Tesfay further indicated that an environment which is not given the right care and conservation will eventually harm living things and reminded that public awareness and participation is crucial in ensuring environment health and safety.

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