July 30, 2016

Southern region Referral Hospital conducting Fistula operation

Southern region Referral Hospital conducting Fistula operation

123The Southern region Referral Hospital in Mendefera in cooperation with American medics is conducting operation to women with Fistula problems. The Minister of Health, Ms. Amina Nur-Husein inspected the progress of the operation on 26 July and said that the ministry is giving due attention to women victims of Fistula. She also underlined that the treatment being conducted in cooperation with stakeholders is part of that.

Dr. Habte Hailemelekot, a surgeon, indicated that so far successful operation had been conducted on 32 women who came from all over the country and that the call and agitation made by the media outlets has significantly contributed for the outcome.

The beneficiary women indicated the Fistula beyond the health problem had been creating social and psychological problem for them and that with the treatment they received they are in good condition.

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