January 4, 2020

Southern region: projects worth 17 million Nakfa implemented

Southern region: projects worth 17 million Nakfa implemented

Mendefera, 04 January 2020- The Infrastructural Development in the Southern region reported that in 2019 projects worth 17 million Nakfa have been implemented. The projects include construction and renovation of social service provision institutions as well as construction of agricultural infrastructure.

At an activity assessment meeting conducted on 2 January in Mendefera, the D. G. of Infrastructural Development in the region, Mr. Gebru Haile said that new schools and additional class rooms have been constructed in the villages of Kudo-Felasi, Geza-Gobo, Adi-Guebo, Newih-Zban, Aregit-Mekrem and Adebrahim. Mr. Gebru went on to say that the residents of the sub-zones of Emni-Haili, Dubarwa and Adi-Keih have also constructed 49 km feeder roads through popular campaigns.

Mr. Gebru further noted that master plans of villages and semi-urban centers in six sub-zones have also been finalized.

Likewise, new terraces have been constructed in Mai-Dima and Adi-Golgol and waiting building for pregnant women in Dubarwa.

Indicating on the significance of the community based participation in the implementation of development programs, Mr. Habteab Tesfatsion, Governor of the Southern region, called for the sustainability of the newly constructed and renovated roads.

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