February 26, 2019

Southern region: 79% of residents have access to clean water

Southern region: 79% of residents have access to clean water

Mendefera, 26 February 2019 –Owing to the potable water system implemented, 79% of the residents of the Southern region have access to clean water, Mr. Kibrom Misgna, head of water branch at the region stated. Stating that in the last several years potable water projects have been put in place in villages, semi-urban centers, and towns, Mr. Kibrom said that 25% of the projects are manual pumped, and 54% are solar and electric powered.

Indicating that last year alone 11 potable water projects worth of 16.6 million Nakfa were implemented in 16 villages and two towns, Mr. Kibrom pointed out that over 40 thousand residents have become beneficiaries. Stating that repair services was conducted on several damaged water projects, Mr. Kibrom indicated that in 2018 alone, over 28 water distribution centers and 250 manual pumps were repaired and ready for service.

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