January 10, 2019

Southern region 18th regular Assembly meeting

Southern region 18th regular Assembly meeting

Mendefera, 10 January 2019- The Southern region regional Assembly held its 18th regular meeting on 9 January in Mendefera.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Weldai Ghebre, Chairman of the regional Assembly, said that the new era of peace prospect shoulders every citizen to work hard for the national development.

Indicating that peace is the foundation of development and prosperity, Mr. Weldai called for reinforcing participation in realizing the national vision through taking advantage of the opportunities available.

At the meeting all heads of line ministries and departments in the regional office presented reports on the activities implemented and challenges encountered in 2018 and charted out programs for 2019.

The Governor of the Southern region, Mr. Efrem Gebrekrstos called for strengthening contribution in the implementation of the development drives and members of the regional Assembly to play leading role.

The meeting also adopted recommendations and resolutions including strengthening community based environmental sanitation activities, introduction of smokeless ovens, construction of waiting rooms for pregnant women at health facilities, creating conducive environment for increased students’ school enrolment, reinforcing water and soil conservation activities among others.

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Southern region 18th regular Assembly meeting

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