November 30, 2011

Somalia: ‘Ethiopian Entrance in the Country Is National Deception’

Mogadishu — Some of the parliament members for the Transitional Federal government of Somalia on Sunday strongly condemned its hardest words the Ethiopian army incursion into Somalia

After meeting in Mogadishu on Sunday, some of the Somali lawmakers opposed greatly the recent Ethiopian troops with tanks and heavy weapons who were reported to have crossed into some parts of the central region in the horn of Africa war torn country.

“Ethiopian incursion into Somalia is absolutely illegal and national deception, it is also unacceptable and it will not be ever tolerable” told reporters in Mogadishu, A/rahman Mahamud farah, Somali MP.

The parliament also denounced Somali government for its acceptance of foreign troops from the neighboring country of Ethiopia, in the pretext of the fight against Al-shabab fighters.

This comes amid over reported Ethiopian army incursion into central Somalia and the Ethiopian government denied the move.

Tension has historically run high between Ethiopia and Somalia and reached a new high five years ago with an Ethiopian invasion that targeted Islamist militants in the capital.

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