February 29, 2012

Solar energy introduced in Adiquala Hospital

Solar energy introduced in Adiquala Hospital Adiquala, 29 February 2012 – Adiquala Hospital, besides receiving 24-hour electricity supply, has introduced solar energy for emergency instances, disclosed Mr. Sirak Debas, director of the hospital. He indicated that they were encountering problem in their work during disruption of electricity supply and that the problem has now been solved.

Sister Selam Woldeindirias expressed satisfaction for the tackling of the problem with the introduction of solar energy. Among the beneficiaries, Ms. Wudasie Zerai and Mr. Berhane Gebrekidan on their part expressed appreciation for the service they are getting in the hospital and the dedication of the health workers. They further voiced confidence that with the solar energy the health service provision would be strengthened.

There exist two hospitals and two health centers in the town.

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