May 31, 2012

Slatin Pasha Documentation Film

Slatin Pasha Documentation Film

George(R) and Alexander(L) GALITZINE-grandchildren of Slatin Pasha,Sharif(M)

After eight hard years of work from the Austrian filmmaker, Thomas MACHO, this film can now be viewed in Vienna from the beginning of June 2012.

Slatin was born in Vienna 1857, and then migrated to Sudan where he governed Darfur at the age of 22. Slatin Rudolf (Abdulgadir) spent 12 years more or less like a prisoner under the Mahadists who ruled Sudan at that time.

After a successful escape, he wrote his bestseller, “Sword and Fire” in Sudan. In his film, Thomas Macho joined George GALITZINE, grandchild of Slatin, with Ahmed Abdulrahman, grandchild of Almahdi and Mohammed Dawud Alkhalifa, grandchild of Alkhalifa.

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