September 30, 2014

Shots fired outside Ethiopian Embassy in DC

Shots fired outside Ethiopian Embassy in DC

Shots fired outside Ethiopian Embassy in DCBy Maureen Umeh – FOX 5 | Gunshots were fired during a protest Monday afternoon at the Ethiopian Embassy in Northwest D.C. Witnesses say they heard up to four gunshots, and while some of the protesters ran for safety, others did not budge. Much of the chaotic scene was captured on camera by ESAT, an Ethiopian television network.

On the video, a man is seen clearly holding up a gun. At times, he is pointing it at several people who can be heard shouting things. They are calling him a coward, a liar, and then a shot is fired. But it doesn’t seem to stop the crowd.

It turns out the man with the gun is an Ethiopian national and security guard at the embassy. He was trying to keep protestors at bay.

The protesters were there demonstrating against the government’s practices. It is a frequent occurrence, but on this day, some of the protesters came onto embassy grounds and tried to storm the building. Witnesses say they even took down the flag.

The guard fired shots. No one was hit or injured, but one of the bullets did hit a woman’s car parked on the street. It shattered her front window.

Mesfin Bezu is an Ethiopian journalist who has covered the protests at the embassy in the past. He says while he does not condone the shooting, he believes some of the protesters crossed the line and provoked the guard.

“This guy, I heard several times he received several threats from the same people, so maybe when they approached him, he was scared for his life and probably that’s why he fired the shots,” he said. “But still to be honest with you, I would refrain from doing that.”

The guard was questioned and detained by Secret Service. The investigation continues, but we are told no one was arrested.

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