January 31, 2017

Senior Eritrean delegation on working visit to Russian Federation

Senior Eritrean delegation on working visit to Russian Federation

Senior Eritrean delegation headed by Foreign Minister Osman Saleh is conducting a working visit to the Russian Federation. The working visit of the Eritrean senor delegation is at an invitation of the Russian Government.

During a meeting the Eritrean delegation held with Mr. Sergei Lavrov, Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Minister Osman handed a letter from President Isaias to President Putin.

In the course of the meeting, Minister Osman Saleh expressed that Eritrea believes a strong Russian Federation under the leadership of President Putin can play an important global role in the interest of peace, stability, sustainable economic development as well as fighting terrorism.

Minister Osman further underscored Eritrea’s desire to develop comprehensive and mutual cooperation with the Russian Federation in the areas of investment, trade, mining, higher education as well as sharing of skills in the fields of engineering, energy, technology, medicine.

Minister Labrov on his part said that Russia values its relations with Eritrea and reiterated that both countries share similar views on many global and regional issues. He also expressed his country’s readiness to develop cooperation with Eritrea in the sectors of trade, investment, education and other areas of development.

The Eritrean delegation will also meet with Ministers and Vice-Ministers of Agriculture, Trade and Industry as well as Education and Science in the course of the three-day working visit.

At the end of their meeting, the two foreign Ministers gave briefings to media outlets.

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