November 23, 2019

Seminar to Eritrean nationals in Riyadh

Seminar to Eritrean nationals in Riyadh

Asmara, 23 November 2019- Mr. Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs, conducted seminar to the participants of the annual Eritrean community festival in Riyadh and its environs on 22 November focusing of the objective situation in the homeland, big national development programs as well as regional developments.

Indicating that following the peace and friendship agreement signed by Eritrea and Ethiopia on 9 July 2019 encouraging atmosphere of cooperation and integration is unfolding,  Minister Osman said that the Government of Eritrea is conducting successful diplomatic activity with a view to ensure regional peace, security and development.

Pointing out that big development programs are being initiated in the sectors of infra and super structure, agriculture and innovation aimed at rehabilitating the national economy, Minister Osman said that substantial investment is being made to human resources development.

Minister Osman went on to say that the Government of Eritrea is initiating investment opportunities that give priority to nationals and called the national to take advantage of the opportunities.

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